Trendy & eco-friendly Female Empowerment T-shirts. New feminist Tee apparel from madebyHazel

Our organic Female Empowerment T-Shirts are here!

Why another Female statement Tee?
Aren't there enough Feminist T-shirts already, surfing on #metoo?

Empowered - Women's organic statement Tee - madebyHazelTo be frank, it is not supposed to be yet another feminist shirt, neither a cute self fulfillment T-shirt. The madebyHazel Tees are straightforward female empowerment T-shirts. Babes that empower babes, as simple as that! True sisterhood.

So, if you define yourself as a woman, please join! 
If you’re a man, please support!

Girl power statement T-shirts with design focus.
There can't be too many of empower Tees, we're in this together. But the
 fact is most shirts are made without much care & love. And yes we admit, we are fashionistas that like nice looking clothes. So we've put all our efforts into creating just that, Women statement Tees with trendy enough to suite in both at home, the night out and in the board room!

And most competitors do not have sustainability in mind. Women's empowerment Tee - Influence the world - madebyHazel
The madebyHazel T-shirts are and ALWAYS will be future proof. They’re 100% organic and also caring about the safety of the producers. 

Perhaps not as soft as wanted, ‘cause we do care more about our Mother Earth than blending in non-organic material only to make it feel nice on the skin.

So when purpose fulfilled, don’t throw away - Donate!

Hope you will like the Tees as much as we do!


Eco friendly nursing necklaces, dummy clips & organic Women statement T-shirts from madebyHazel



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