The benefits of nursing or breastfeeding necklaces?

The benefits of nursing or breastfeeding necklaces?

Nursing, Teething, Fiddling or Breastfeeding necklace, a dear child has many names. Here are the benefits!

Yes, you’ve probably seen nursing necklaces around town or on your instagram feed. A nursing necklace or a teething necklace is perfect for mommies while breastfeeding or for parents when bottle feeding the baby. 

Nyttan och fördelar med amningshalsband, bärhalsband, mammahalsband

Most babies try to pull your hair, scratch your skin and fiddle with something when eating, and yes that's not the way you want to go.

To top it up, when the baby becomes around 6 months it becomes even worse when they become more aware of the world around them. They love exploring what’s happening and the one feeding the baby will probably notice that the baby starts to curiously turn and twist.

No probs, it’s fun when they develop, right? But probably not as fun when you want to breastfeed and there’s always something else that catches their attention.

Puh, can’t they just lay still and focus?

Of course it’s possible to use a blanket to not distract from what’s going on around them. However, I thought it became too warm and too fiddling.

A nursing necklace grabs the baby's attention and helps it to come to rest.

Fördelarna med amningshalsband för att bebis ska komma till ro.

The baby can grab, pull and fiddle with the necklace at the same time as eating, to keep focus and away from your hair. And it usually helps against little heads that turn at the slightest sound. At the same time the jewellery contributes to the baby’s motoric development, thumbs up!

They’re also the perfect companion when you’re carrying your child in a sling, keeping little hands busy grabbing the necklace instead of scratching your breast. Win-win for both.
And oh, that’s why we shortened our carry necklaces, to fit in any baby carrier, slap or lap.

Can’t you use your regular necklaces?

Babies have a tendency to head straight for shiny things and they do pull very hard, so the risk they will break your necklace is high.

That's also the reason mommies stop wearing jewellery, as it kept being broken.

Of course it’s doable to make a breastfeeding necklace yourself, however it can be tricky with DIY, beads that are left over and raises questions as are crouched beads safe?

Our nursing necklaces are made of certified material, natural beech wood and BPA, phthalate free food grade silicone beads. And safety knots are added, to keep it safe.

Stylish and sustainable necklaces, for mommies that like design.

Snygga och ekovänliga amningshalsband för trendkänsliga mammor

There are many teething necklaces around, however when looking I didn’t find any that I thought were modern nor trendy enough.... I wanted both nice design & sustainable one, but it was none to be found.

That’s why madebyHazel was born.

A teething necklace also suit moms with little time to spruce up themselves. Put on yesterday’s T-shirt and top it up with a necklace, and you’re ready to go in no time. 

A reminder from the one in know, the necklace draws the attention away from the stains on your Tee. The best benefit of them all if you ask me ; )

And to top it all up, our nursing necklaces are chic enough to keep on wearing after you’ve stopped with breastfeeding. That’s what’s called true sustainability!


madebyHazel - Organic matching nursing necklaces & T-shirts for mummies on the go!

Product information & material:
* Natural wooden beads
BPA, PVC, lead and phthalates free & certified food grade silicone beads
Breakaway safety clasp & safety knots

Remember, the necklace is not a toy and only for adults. You should never leave your baby alone with the product.

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