The creator behind madebyHazel.

The creator behind madebyHazel.

Hey, I’m the creator behind madebyHazel.

This journey started when I became a Mother. My baby always wanted to stay close, tucked a hand beneath my Tee and put all my jewellery in his mouth. So I quit with jewellery and fashion, but didn’t feel as myself anymore.

There had to be a solution to clingy babies.

The solution to clingy needy babies

It was spelled nursing necklaces! Hence when looking around there weren't any stylish-every-day-wearable AND eco-friendly ones. Because to me design and to my baby ecological and organic was non-negotiable.

So I let go of the business rat race to do what I love; create trendy  long lasting baby and eco-friendly apparel.

Focus on sustainability and female empowerment

I wanted to create an honest brand which cares about our environment and our children's equal future. All with a nice design to fit the mommy life, to pull the attention away from those stains, and also suitable for a night out or in the meeting room!

And thinking about the global implications of what one wears. Empower the little ones, mamas and women to feel their best, and boost them with female empowerment statements.

No more "Be a lady they said" - Vive le feminisme!

And by that create individual products that you can use over and over again - that show compassion for the planet and our equal future!

Yes, thereof they cost a bit more than others, but I hope you think it's worth it to be more sustainable.

Here you can find the results of my tedious work nursing necklaces, dummy clips, matching gift kits, Female Power T-shirts ; )

And when done, let me know what you think!


madebyHazel - matching nursing necklaces, dummy holders & organic apparel for moms and babies on the go!

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