Baby friendly Nursing necklaces and accessories from madebyHazel

How it all started!

Did you also get a baby that always wants to cling around your neck?

That puts everything in the mouth, wants to be close to you, pull your hair and never stops fiddling with your ear and everything on you. 

Here as well! The little cobra as a hand constantly looking for a way to  inside my shirt! And there simply had to be a solution to that! I didn't get any sleep!

That's how it all started! We found some teething necklaces out already, but eco-friendly did not mean city-chic... Because becoming a mom should not stop you from looking your best! 

As a mommy you still should feel that you are you and not the need to put your jewellery in the drawer.

You should be able to power up your day with baby-friendly jewelery non-toxic organic put in babies mouth friendly and affordable enough to have a few different ones. And being able to mommy match your necklaces with a trendy yet organic female empowerment T-shirt and with your baby.

That's why we're here at your service!

Our goal is to provide you with exactly that and with a personal touch.


madebyHazel - Organic matching nursing necklaces & T-shirts for mummies on the go!


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